Justin Sturges

Justin R. Sturges, President & Principal Marketing Consultant of Systemadik, is well known for creating innovative marketing campaigns in both the B2B and B2C sectors by utilizing the latest web-based tools and approaches to help put your best foot forward and maximize your business.

Justin has handled hundreds of clients in his 20-plus years as a marketing specialist. He has worked with businesses ranging from HP and Cisco to local businesses in Sacramento and across the United States and Canada.

The result is that he has taken businesses from $250,000 mo. to over $430,000 mo. within 6 months, and his team provides more than 50% of new business leads to a variety of large established brick and mortar businesses. His team has had success with businesses ranging from hotels in New York to psychologists in California.

For the past 11 years Justin has focused on small business online marketing and local B2C cross-channel lead generation using websites, SEO, paid advertising and sales funnels, mainly in the Sacramento area.

His team uses a combination of strategy, online advertising, search engine optimization, and conversion optimization to grow business for his clients.

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