Inbound Marketing

Customers are looking for information and answers and an effective inbound marketing campaign provides just that. It also provides you, the business, with a proactive approach to reaching customers, as opposed to them trying to find you.

Inbound marketing is defined as a strategy that focuses on attracting customers, or leads, via company-created Internet content, thereby having potential customers come to the company rather than marketers vying for their attention.

Inbound Marketing Sacramento

An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy also takes those leads to the next level by allowing businesses to collect information that’s used to build relationships.

An effective Inbound Marketing strategy is focused on building awareness, developing relationships and generating leads. It is accomplished by using a combination of most of the tools outlined here on our website. That includes SEO, blogs, video, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing.

Inbound marketing is based on four actions — attract, convert, close, and delight – which companies must address in order to obtain visitors, leads, customers and promoters. The first step in this process is content creation. That content should be personalized to the types of customers a business is seeking with a deep understanding who they are, the types of problems you can solve, and what they think they want.

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on overall traffic to their site rather than targeted prospects that are active shoppers looking for a solution. To attract the right customers is to develop a persona based on existing customers or new folks you want to attract – what are these people like, what answers are they looking for and why? What is the main demographic of your customer base?

Inbound Marketing Steps

The first step in developing proper content is blogging, which is focused on topics and trends important to what your customers are searching for on Google in relation to your business. With the use of SEO, this content brings those folks to your site. But they still have to be converted into actual leads, which can be done directly through the use of contact info, forms and e-mail addresses and indirectly by moving them gently through the Marketing Hourglass™ toward working with you.

Once a potential customer has contacted you or is in your database you have a lead that could turn into a loyal customer by continuing to build the relationship.

Sacramento SEO for Growth develops inbound marketing strategies for clients that are best suited to their particular needs and we will create a custom inbound marketing strategy to achieve your organizational goals.

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