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I do give a damn about my bad reputation!

Actually what’s even better is giving a damn about good online reputation management before somebody says something bad about you online. That stuff really can hurt your business. We know many of you business owners “hate” Yelp! and for good reason. If that’s true then focus on Google, Facebook and other reviews first.

At any rate, no matter how you slice it, reputation management is tricky and hard to handle because it is personal. If someone is knocking you or your business online you might feel hurt and angry. Especially if they are off base or inflammatory. You might be thinking revenge or defamation suit rather than dealing with the problem. And that is wrong.

Reputation Management Sacramento CA

Almost anyone can write anything about a business or a person online these days and they often do. But even if your business has been beaten up in online reviews there are ways to mitigate the damage if you are proactive. And there are proven methods to salvage a soiled reputation and keep it that way. And if you can’t afford advertising or SEO work, reputation management this is the biggest bang for the buck.

Trouble Getting Good Reviews?

If your business has trouble getting good reviews then that’s a problem. But it’s probably not because of your service. It’s more than likely a strategy problem. You are probably trying to be all things to everyone, which is how to destroy your reputation and kill your referrals. It’s a death spiral that needs to get fixed now. You need to be fundamentally focused on folks who can and will have a great experience with you. You also do need to make sure you provide a solid experience and show some concern for the things your customers and clients care about.

If you are failing to make happy customers, then get focused on your strengths. If you are getting bad reviews or sentiment online there are people who can fix that. And we can too, but not by burying the reviews or trying to hide, but by fixing your business so it stops happening.

A strong online reputation is critical for small businesses. You need to build trust and confidence in your company to attract and retain customers. Folks can easily see your reviews and reputation online as well as your review stars on the big online platforms. This information makes a big difference in your click and conversion rates online. That doesn’t happen passively, however. You need an active online reputation management program to achieve and maintain the best online reputation possible. You need to have system to request reviews at the right time and make it as easy as possible for folks to provide them.

Studies have shown that 92% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews. And here’s the deal. Most of the people reading reviews actually trust them. With sites like Yelp and others it has become more important than ever to have a strategy in place to manage your business’ online reputation management and customer reviews proactively, before “bad stuff: happens. If you have a good number of positive reviews, then a few bad reviews won’t be the end of the world. But if you have zero reviews and you get one bad one, guess what, that’s going to have a real impact on your online reputation.

More than ever, consumers are researching companies before they do business with them. They search to find information about products and services. They look for price comparisons and they look for reviews, which are now one of the most important aspects of any business brand.

Online Reputation: You Can’t Hide

You can’t hide from bad reviews. But you can take control of the situation and minimize potential damage. Part web-based strategy, part public relations and part proactive engagement, reputation management is absolutely necessary for small businesses. And putting it off will cost you more down the road. Negative reviewers are far more motivated than positive reviewers so its your job to work to reduce the friction for the folks that are ready to give a glowing review.

Sacramento SEO for Growth can help manage your reputation for you, which will also work to boost your search rankings. We can help collect and focus on positive reviews on your website and in one of our review funnels and put positive reviews on site and profiles across the web. In the event of negative reviews we can coach you through the proper response.

Your reputation and your business are at stake, consider getting help implementing a reputation management system today.

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