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SEO – or search engine optimization – is a fundamental and proven strategy for marketing your business online and expanding your customer base, regardless of the industry you are in.

And look, if you don’t get why SEO is amazing, let’s drill down a little bit and paint a picture. Most folks either get SEO wrong or don’t understand the big picture with SEO.

The big deal here is that SEO rockets to you to the top of Online search and operates as an inbound marketing tool for new customers to find your business. This is done through the use of strategic content and keyword strategy that puts you ahead of your competition. Seems simple, but there is a lot to it.

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Our SEO consulting services offer strategic SEO planning and analysis for all types of websites. We optimize your existing site or build you a new one based on SEO best practices. We will coach you through the process and keep you abreast of the advances your business is quickly making.

We will do the heavy lifting and stay on top of calibrations to tactics in the industry so you don’t have to.

How SEO Works with Google

As your website power grows, you get more traffic for free from Google when folks search for stuff related to your business content. Yes, that is correct, free traffic. But you have to earn it.

Google grants your website (actually domain) more and more power over time as you add solid content and get some links from other sites in your niche, or your area or related towhead you do in your business.

You earn Google points by being generous and helping people that are looking for answers online, which is roughly four out of five. Google will actually see that when people visit your site based on keywords and how long people hang out and read or even click to another page or call or contact you right off. So your site earns points with Google for not just having proper content in the first place, but for clearly delivering value to those searchers. Actually keeping them around and solving their problem whatever it is will influence your rankings. And that’s what Google’s about, helping searchers get what they want. So if you help Google, Google helps you.

SEO is Fundamental for More Customers

It’s really pretty fundamental, but so many folks still don’t get it. Business owners sometimes think that cutting corners will work, but it doesn’t. You can beat those competitor businesses no matter their size by properly implementing solutions that help people. It solves their problems and answers their questions. This is critical. You have to understand your target markets problems. This is true for SEO and really all marketing today. The more clearly you understand your customers and the problems they want to solve, not the ones you want them to solve, is critical to your SEO content and marketing overall. If you can talk to them directly, like a friend and help them directly, then fancy words and phrases can take a back seat to the value you provide.

Benefits of SEO

What other benefits does SEO give me? Ok, so far we’ve established that SEO gets you free traffic, and the more solid content optimized for keywords and concepts that your prospects actually search on when looking for a business like yours, the more traffic you will get. And the higher your rankings will climb. Now, as these rankings climb, you will actually help your local maps rankings as well. The power of your site and the number of keywords that Google maps understands through categories and synonyms you have on your site puts you in Google’s local batch of highlighted businesses, right now there are only 3, yup only 3 for any search that triggers a local maps result. There’s more to maps SEO, but your site plays a huge role in your maps rankings and the breadth of searches you’ll come up for. And again, local search clicks are all free clicks and right near the top of the search engine results. And if you are going to rank in maps, you better have some Google reviews so you get your review stars. They are critical to increase the calls and perception of your business in the marketplace.

SEO for Long-Term Growth

SEO is a long-term growth solution. It takes some time to get your rankings up and if you’re late to the game in your industry, yes you’ll need to play catch up. But you can always outflank competitors by going after keywords that are less competitive or that nobody else is using. It’s all in your strategy, your planning and discovery. You do keyword research, you look at search engine results pages and you identify where you can attack with what you have now and also set your hooks for the long haul. So with SEO you can be small and level the playing field with the big guys, but you need a smart strategy and stick to it.

Content for SEO

How do I get all this problem solving, question and answering content on my site? Great content is essential for every website. Once keywords are discovered, we will implement them into relevant, informative and engaging content that your visitors will be excited to read. Content is still king and an essential part of your SEO strategy.

If you want help and have a dedicated marketing budget, click here to see how content, blogging and social media fit into this equation and how we can help develop your story for greater growth.



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