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Even in today’s world of social media driven engagement and smart phone dominance, your website is still critical and operates as the heart of your online presence. Your website will be the home of your core content that gets amplified on social media including your blog, and any and all media content.

Your website will generate leads and contacts directly, and it can house landing pages and sales funnels and tightly integrate with your email marketing platform. But the real centerpiece is telling your story as a business in one place so folks learn about you as quickly and efficiently as possible as they make a buying decision or turn into leads.

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For local service-based businesses, a website is critical to reach people as they search for you. The website serves as the fulcrum for all your digital marketing and is the landing platform for all your marketing initiatives.

A well designed website must take many things into account before the design process even begins. This includes, Google Maps, PPC, SEO, Facebook ads, funnels, social media click-throughs, blog posts, e-mail sign ups, videos and reputation management. The content drives the design and not the other way around.

If you want a shot at making it to the top of web searches, you need content on your site. If you’re one of those hoping for a “clean” low content scenario on your design then realize you’re shooting yourself in the foot, the knee and really the heart right out of the gate. Don’t worry there’s always a way to make it work. But don’t say “no content” or it’s like saying you want a car with no wheels, or to go fishing with no hooks!

At Sacramento SEO for Growth we really take this to heart. With us your website will become the platform for your marketing success. When we build your website we combine a branding and messaging focus with a sophisticated website technical package for your business.

We create a custom digital experience for your prospects that establishes you as the market leader in your niche. You get an easy to manage and powerful website that competes with anybody in your market and provides the tools to cost effectively build just about any other digital asset you may need, like sales funnels, landing pages, content delivery over email, capture sign ups and opt-ins and even integrate into powerful CRM and analytics systems.

Building the best website, which is what we do, means first understanding your business and conducting the proper research, keyword analysis and competitive due diligence to make sure the website we design for you is the best in your market right out of the gate.

Then our team will get to work creating the site for maximum impact and aesthetic design. If you have a site with a design that has already created brand identity, but is static, we can copy that look and feel so as not to confuse customers, but with the added marketing and technical firepower we bring to bear.
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